Product Photography

Build the anticipation before customers even arrive.  Showcase your estate and products.  This will influence everything that follows.  Set the mood, feelings and emotion. WinedogTrail will give you rich imaging that stirs emotion and curiosity. Give the experience context, mystique, and real depth. That is what will excite customers.

Bottles and Beverages

It is most cost efficient to shoot the entire product line.  There is a very nice discount.  As well, the lighting and conditions will be similar and look more consistent across the entire series.

Projects done in my studio are least expensive, but I can come onsite to you.  Mornings and off-hours are best.  Fewer distractions and lighting can be easily controlled.

The Classic imaging is priced to include sharp images with distinct capsules, clear labels, background separation and your chosen look. See the Wine Styles page. As a free option, the vintage year can be removed.

The Enhanced option adds context.  Add a glass, a cork screw and even food.  It gives the image meaning and life.

Styled images typically involve multiple elements and perhaps custom backgrounds.

Onsite is best discussed in-person.  Much depends on whether the shots are in the same place or in multiple locations.

Delivery is performed via Dropbox or other mutually agreeable method.  Format will be JPG at 100% quality, unless transparency is desired.  PNG is the best option otherwise.  Copyright is retained by, with free commercial use granted.  Your images will be archived in cloud-based storage.


See the examples in this gallery.

Classic images (Low key, high key, simple backgrounds)

  • 1-8 images $95
  • 9+ images $65

Enhanced (two or elements, such as bottle and glass)

  • 1-8 images $125
  • 9+ images $85

Styled (multiple elements, artisitc backgrounds)

  • 1-8 images $155
  • 9+ $110

Groups of Bottles

  • 3-5 bottles in image $225
  • 5+ bottles in image $450

Onsite – the additional fee for the above at your location

  • 1/2 Day rate is $300
  • Full day rate is $600

Food and Meals

The food items must be featured, but do not have to be in the center. Interesting angles and and preparation shots add context and even anticipation.

The light should come from behind and draw across the subject. Shadows and contrast are great.  It avoids a flat look.

The imaging should generally take the be displayed timeline of the meal or service. It tells a story.

Studio or On Site

Each has advantages.  On site allows context, character and familiarity.  If your site and a lot of character or history, go for it.

Studio can be less expensive, especially for re-shoots.  You may add to your product line.  If all the shots are on site, it means another session, setup and all.  Studio conditions are easy to take down and setup.  We won’t need to go to your site and re-do the lighting and other conditions.

Keep in mind that studio doesn’t have to look “studio”.  All the images at right were done in studio.