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The Approach

Find beauty. Be creative. Solve problems. Have fun.  Give more than you take.

For any assignment, it takes a lot of research.  I take loads of notes, getting your input, hopes, needs.  Then, it’s off to figure out everything to make it happen.  If it is outdoor photography, sunrise/sunset, North/South, colors, backgrounds, even temperature forecast.  Inside and studio shooting demands finding just the right look and conditions, required editing and accessories. For wedding and events, we start with the planner, venues and themes. Web consulting is just as arduous.  But, to you, it will look smooth and seamless, as though it all just fell into place naturally.

I shoot with prime lenses, for the most part, and do my own color balancing, editing and post-production work. Whether it is product shots, pet photography, capturing moments at a wedding, or solving a Web security problem, I want to put my experience, knowledge and skills to work for you.


I’m a former tech guy  and a photographer … originally with good old-fashioned film.

Much of my work has been in the Middle-east. Personally, I love the markets and the deserts.  Stunning views.

After working state-side for a while, it seemed like a good idea to slow down and enjoy nice things. Photography and Web consulting suit me.

I love taking candid shots and finding ‘the look’.  It shows that that special expression, or maybe just a peculiar angle.  It’s when the moment, subject, light and expression all line up.


Perfumery in Riyahd

Another day at the office.

The WinedogTrail

I take photographs of beautiful things, people and places.  Wines, vineyards, weddings and nature.  Oh, and dogs, lots of dogs. Check the pictures. These guys are my companions.  We travel about and enjoy the company of good people, see sights and they get a lot of crackers and snacks. Life is too short to not enjoy some walks and visit nice places.


Brody - the happiest dog on earth.

Cooper Nebbiolo

Kai, a little blonde girl Corg.

Next Steps…

Call or email me.  Let’s talk about your site, event or products.  You can view my gallery here.

Getting on the WinedogTrail is easy – email me or call: