Pricing guide

These will give you an idea as to the fees involved.  Please note there are a lot of variables.  We can talk and find a way to make it work out with wonderful high resolution photographs capturing just the right angles, people and moments.  In any package, you will get fast turn-around.  You will have access to digital downloads.  Prints and canvas can be arranged.  Expedited processing for next day proofing is available.


Quick and simple. Meet you at the alter starts at $250.

Regular wedding and 8 hours of photographs. Fees begins at $1500.

Options include 2nd  photographer, rehearsal dinner, shooting the proposal and print packages.


Bottle and food shots can be $65 to $125 per item, depending on complexity of the shot.

The typical package is one shot per item, and a cut out, so it may be superimposed on any background.

A media package of all products will generally start near $2000 to $3500, depending on numbers of items  looks.


Individual sessions are $250.

Family sessions are $300.

Pets sessions are $150 and must include a handler not in the photograph.

Corporate/professional are $300 per session.  A discount applies for groups.


For an all-day event, the fee is $1750 per day, which includes editing and cropping.

Expedited delivery for next day is $250.

Estate and Realty

Standard. A typical house is $200, including each room with a clean and edited shot. The exterior is covered with 4 shots.

Enhanced. This package is $300 and includes 2 shots per room and 8-10 exterior views.

Deluxe. The price is $350, and includes aerial views.

If travel time to the site is over 1 hour, an additional fee applies.