Special Events

We are ready for conferences and awards events. This includes candid shots, speaker highlights and ceremonies.

With the right equipment, we can capture with or without flash.

We won’t miss a thing.


Let the world know what you are up to.  Show off your talent.  Make a splash.  Even in low light, we can get the shots.

Having expertise in a variety of venues, WinedogTrail can handle even the most  challenging circumstances.  And they will turn out very nicely.

These images involved some challenges, such as fast movement and low light.

Trust us to give you the very best possible imaging.


Dinners and banquets are special.  It’s a chance to meet new people and enjoy a great time.  Make a record of the evening – capture those memories.

Special note: You can be sure that the photography will not interfere with your event.

Record the Fun Moments

There are people, things and moments that are special.  You know them when you see them.

Shown here are sites and scenes from a half marathon, weddings and a grape harvest.

Show Off the Venue

If you have a site to showcase, let everyone see how beautiful it is.

Create a time line in photographs. Capture it before and during the event.  It tells a story people will remember and want to be a part of the next one.

These are samples from events involving conventional and drone photography.