Background & Lighting

The most important decision in your portrait is the choice of background.  It sets the stage and frames you, the subject.  Let’s pick a place that shows you off. For lighting We can go with natural outdoors looks, strobe-enhanced, or studio lighting for control over every detail.

A Professional Look

Get a great set of images capturing the look and professionalism of your people. The photographs you get will be clean and attractive.  Blemishes are removed.  Stray hairs – gone.  A wrinkle or two may disappear. Poses may be heroic, looking up and inspiring confidence and strength. Or, subtle and dignified. Maybe soft and compassionate.  We will combine experience with lighting and angles to make it happen.

The setting can be in studio with backdrops or at your own environment.  Onsite work can be done quickly and with minimal impact to business. With planning, 10-15 people can be photographed in 2.5 hours, including selected group shots.

Studio or Onsite

Often for professional portraits, it is best to have elements of your work and the business in the background.  The background gives context and a bit of their story.  Custom background are easily brought in-house to you as well.  In this gallery the nurses are in-house with a portable background.  The doctors went to the lobby.

The winery images were all done in-house in the barrel storage hall.  About 6 different sessions were involved to get all staff members and the lighting was reproduces exactly each time by metering and matching placement.

Family and personal portraits are often done best at an attractive outdoor venue, or a stylish locale of your choice.  It does not need to be fancy or exotic.  Getting the right angle can work wonders.