Pets make the Best Subjects

You have to love the smiles.

Their interest (or lack of it) is priceless.  They let it all hang out.

Studio or Outdoors

Studio shots are controlled and it makes posing easiest.  Interesting backgrounds can be added during the shot or post-production. Often a clean white background is all that is required.  The focus is upon the subject alone.

Outdoors sessions require handling and a controlled area.  It’s hard to hold a leash and a camera. The bonus is the light and bokeh, the bubbly off-focus background.  The best areas are green and clean.  The natural ambiance is great and light is usually plentiful. Even a cloudy sky can work.  We’ll just keep the angle down a bit.

The secret is to get to their level. It is less threatening and it makes the perspective more interesting.


Natural is good.  But, sometimes we’ll help nature along.:

  • A leash or collar gets into the shot
  • Stray hairs
  • Red-eye or reflection
  • Fixing up a little