Product Shots, Portraits and an Event

Terra Nebulo

Several engagements from Summer and Fall 2017.  The first work was shots for their extensive line of wines. Done mostly on-site to the client.  A few studio images taken for bright high-key images.  They are revamping their site and advertising materials and want fresh, good-looking imaging.

Next, professional portraits of the owners and staff.  Also done on-site.   Portable lighting was supplied to give them crisp  looks and high resolution.  The lighting style was Rembrandt.

They held an annual Winemakers’ Dinner and wanted imaging for future events and advertising. No flash was used, which limited the resolution, but prevented the constant popping of lights.  Used close shots of the venue, people and food.  The images are great for ad copy, unless it’s a billboard.

Product Shots – Wines and Facilities

Wine Reserve at Waterford

This product and facilities shoot was for Cori and Jon of the Wine Reserve at Waterford, a relatively new winery and vineyard. The immediate goal was to provide new images for their Web site.   They wanted clean and modern, but were open to new ideas and unique images.

The site was fun to photograph.  A great view off the deck at sunset overlooked a young vineyard. The angles made magic hour great.  As well there is a wedding gazebo and farm equipment. The tasting room is modern and has a black & white tone to it, though not harsh.  The bar is simple with racks of wine behind it.

Inside cross-bar shots were easy. Lighting was great and a soft background focus added depth to the wine racks.  Studio shots provided clean high key and romantic low key shots.  The facilities were shot at sunset and then just after sunrise.  The vineyard, gazebo and grounds lit up during the morning magic hour.

Product Shots – Wines and Ciders

Corcoran Vineyards and Ciders

This product shoot was for Lori Corcoran of Corcoran Vineyards and Ciders.  She wanted to showcase her most unique products: ciders and dessert wines.  Her business has more dessert wines and fortified wines that any other in the area, and perhaps Virginia.  At the time of engagement, her four cider images were simply the bottle labels.  She wanted something to bring it to life and convey a rustic setting.  There were no images of the dessert wines.

Half the shots were taken on-site.  The best ones were simple and required the least setup. Ciders placed outside, near a beautiful outcropping of long ornamental grass. Other good shots were done in-studio with a set of stained wood for a rustic effect.

The dessert wines were a combination of high-key studio shots and outside at the same places as the ciders.  A wide open F-stop produced wonderful bokeh and backgraound blur to focus on the products.  The best inside shots were high-key.  Brilliant backgrounds and strong lighting.  Often accompanied by fruit and wine accessories.

Event – Harvest

Casanel Winery

A pro bono shoot of the Chardonnay harvest in Late August 2017.  We started at 7:00 AM and were done with 50 lugs by noon.  The estate is beautiful, with scenes and angles everywhere.  Some of the harvesters were great to photograph.